Profiling line (weak wood sawmill)

The profiling line is designed for logs from 10 cm to 25 cm top diameter and in lengths from 1.0 m to 3.0 m or from 1.5 m to 6.0 m. Depending on dimensions, log shape and profile, cutting capacities from approx. 50 m³ up to 120 m³ of finished product per 8 hours/shift can be produced.


Three-strand cross conveyor


Step conveyor


Feed trough


Tapered roller conveyor


Crosscut saw


Feed trough and adjustable stop


Feed trough height adjustable


RHM 250 circular milling machine


Tapered roller conveyor


Profiling and multiple sawing machine PSM250


Transport chain with side discharge


Roller table with inclined rollers


Double Shaft Multi Blade Circular Saw


Roller table not driven


Control panel

The line is fed with the delimbed lumber sorted by diameter.

In the case of crooked lumber, the lumber is cut in the middle by the crosscut saw (KSA). This is because the shorter the lumber, the straighter it is, and the higher the lumber yield.

Via centering transports, the lumber enters a round bar milling machine with 2 adjustable cutter heads (RHM II-H), which cylindrically rounds the lumber from start to finish at a feed speed of 6 to 34 m/min.


The feed rate is automatically reduced or accelerated depending on the diameter by an electronic feed control.

The reference point for processing in the entire weak wood line is the center of the log.

The RHM is used to optimize the nature of the raw material: Root starts, knots, oval growth and taper are leveled out, and this enables continuous further processing of the lumber.

After the RHM, the round milled lumber is transported to a profiling and sawing machine (PSM) with 4 profiling shafts. Depending on the setting of the profiling tools, two or four fully prismatic, sharp-edged side boards and the main model with different width steps can be cut.

After the PSM, the side boards are separated from the model by a special transport. The model, in turn, runs into a horizontal post-cutting saw, where it is sawn into boards of different specified cutting dimensions.

It is recommended to produce the same profile over a whole shift in order to reduce set-up times.

The profiling line offers many advantages that lead to considerable economy:

The sawn material can be used for the production of pallets, parquet, elements for glued beams and the like.

The design of the equipment is made individually according to the wishes and requirements of the customer. 

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