Rod rounding machines (RHM)

We offer rod rounding machines to process raw timber in the diameter range from 4 cm up to

40 cm to finished round milled logs with diameters between 3 cm and 35 cm.

Our machines can economically process pine, spruce, maritime pine or chestnut as well as other types of wood.


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You have the choice between a rod rounding machine with one cutter head and a rod rounding machine with two cutter heads.

The single-head Rounder (RHM I-H) is mainly used for annual capacities of around 2000 – 3000 m3 of wood per year. The machine can be charged manually with raw wood or completed with automatic in-feed and out-feed.

We recommend a double-head Rounder (RHM II-H) if you process longer, strong tapered or curved raw timber, if you expect higher capacities, e.g. if you want to produce round logs for log house construction or also for sawn wood from small timber.

We have continuously developed the technology of the rod rounding machine (RHM) over several decades with the intention that our machines provide safety in operation, performance in production, uncomplicated maintenance.

This also permits you to increase the service life of the machine.

The constructive solutions in the in-feed, such as the electronic feed control of the speed, avoid unnecessary damage in the machine.

Thanks to the modern design, the RHM can be mounted on a plane concrete floor without the need for an additional base frame.

Chip disposal is facilitated because the machine frame is open at the bottom and the chips are ejected freely downwards. This also prevents the cutter blockage by chips and unnecessary wear of the transport rollers by bark lying around


Technical innovations in the machining center – cutterhead, significantly facilitate the adjustment of the diameter to be machined, the change of knives outside the machine and increase the longevity of the cutter head.

Motors, cylinders and control devices are mounted on the top or rear of the machine frame and are thus protected from dirt. Cooling of the motors is ensured in the best possible way. This significantly increases the service life of the machine parts.

The rod rounding machine can be completed with the automatic infeed and subsequent machines, e.g., for profiling (PSM), for pointing, chamfering and cutting (SFK), as well as with appropriate transport devices to form an automatic system.

Benefit from our know-how of 50 years in tool, machine and line construction for woodworking.

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