Peeling machines and Peeling plants

The high-speed peeler type WPSS 200 is a compact peeling machine for industrial use.

It is used for peeling wood with a diameter range from 4 cm to 20 cm.

The machine is designed for automatic operation, the wood infeed and outfeed can be done manually or by transports.

It can be used both as a stand-alone machine and in a complete production line for piles and the like.

The machine is equipped with a curved peeling disc with a diameter of 600 mm. This allows even processing of chestnut or acacia wood.

The cassette system allows the knives to be safely adjusted outside the machine by means of a gauge.

The hydraulic-electric remote adjustment is used to set diameter ranges for peeling inside the machine.

The upper rotary roller opens and closes hydraulically and is electrically controlled via photoelectric sensor.

Upper and lower rotary rolls are hydraulically driven.

The drive for the peeling disc is a motor with reinforced bearings and special shaft.

The feed speed is infinitely variable from 5 to 14 m/min.

The machine is always supplied with hydraulic power unit and electric control cabinet as well as operating instructions, but without hydraulic oil.

Pole peeling machine Typ MSM 70

This machine is specially designed for the production of telegraph poles. However, the end products are also used in timber construction (roof – and wall structures) or even in hydraulic engineering.

The diameter range of the timbers is from 8 cm to 40 cm.

Timber lengths from 4.0 m to 14.0 m (16.0 m) can be processed.

Flat, easily resharpenable knives are used.

The knives can be changed in just a few minutes.

The peeling process is automatic. The wood can be fed via manually moved transport carts (without electric drive).

The two peeling arms (for pre-peeling and final peeling) ensure a smooth surface that complies with European standards.

The log rotation is carried out by two hydraulically driven rotating rollers.

Of course, automation of the pole peeling machine is available with a multi-strand cross conveyor with feeder, with electrically adjustable feed carriages and pull-out carriages with pneumatic ejectors.  

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