Application solutions

You want to make full use of your small timber ?

By using WeMa Probst, it is possible to obtain a higher added value of the raw material, e.g., thanks to our profiling line technology, which is specialized in the processing of small timber in lengths from 1.0 m, or with our lines for production of peeled and pointed posts.

Or are you going to build log houses made of small timber?

That is also possible with WeMa Probst machines and plants.

If you need to lay electrical cables above ground, use our pole peeling line.

Our machines and lines can economically process “uncomplicated” wood species such as spruce as well as “difficult” woods such as maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) or chestnut wood and enable the marketing of a vast, specialized range of wooden products.


To provide you with a quote for our machines, we need more detailed information about: